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articles of gasathj #1 and #2 issue

GA2014(external link), next 17th Generative Art conference /exhibition / live-performances will be in Rome the 17, 18 and 19 December 2014. You can find the call for paper at generativeart.com(external link)
GA2013(external link), the last 16th Generative Art Conference / Exhibition / Live-Performances, (9)-10-11-12 December 2013, was held in Milan, Italy. at "La Triennale" exhibition palace.
Visit generativeart.com(external link) for reading all the presented papers since 1998

You can read the presented papers of last 16 Generative Art Conferencse in the
GA website(external link)

The first issue of GASATHJ was published in this site the 1st of May 2012. The second in 2013.
You can download for free the GASATHJ e-journal at: http://www.artscience-ebookshop.com(external link)
Next issue, the 3rd, is planned in 2014.

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gasathj @ generativeart.com
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