London Orbital
On a chilly winter day, on my way to Plymouth, I got stuck in London Gatwick as the runway at Plymouth Airport was frozen preventing any plane to take off. As an alternative, a bus took me across the Southern part of the UK. The perception was one of characteristic scenery merging seamlessly with unanticipated detail. It sparked the idea of perpetual excursion; I imagined a procedure that would suggest a given visual identity yet, it would equally have the capacity to renew itself in unpredictable ways. In other words, the challenge was to develop a dynamic system that would offer continuous change while guaranteeing overall structural integrity. The idea was formalised as a recursive algorithm, it represents an abstract circular visual world in perpetual transformation. The final result is a form of algorithmic (silent) cinema, a procedural movie which complexity reflects the parametric space implied in a recursive generative procedure.
PB, 26.12.2011

You can download the program for your OS: