Interview with Kurd Alsleben and Antje Eske

Author: Yoshiyuki Abe and Akemi Ishijima - Published At: 2013-03-14 16:11 - (11042 Reads)

The first decade of Computer Graphics - 2 -

Yoshiyuki Abe(1) and Akemi Ishijima(2)

The analogue computer is a system which outputs the voltage values of computational results in real time. If you modify the variables of wired equation circuitry on the patchboard, by changing the characteristics of oscillators or the value of potentiometers(5), a continuous voltage change produces a unique waveform signal. The aforementioned Herbert W. Franke connected the signal to the oscilloscope in the mid 1950s. Then 5 years later, Roland K. Fuchshuber(6) and Kurd Alsleben connected the outputs to a plotter for producing line drawing works.

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